Spectrometers, modular optical spectroscopy and components

We offer a wide range of spectroscopic ellipsometers, optimized for your particular application. The flexible ellipsometer VASE, based on scanning monochromator is ideal for all kinds of R&D applications and covering the widest spectral range in the market from 140 to 3200 nm, or in combination with IR-VASE up to 30 µm. Alternatively, our fast CCD based, rotating compensator spectroscopic ellipsometers M-2000 and RC2 are available for ex-situ as well as in-situ applications.

The manufacturer Andor Technology provides a range of spectral instruments suitable for a wide range of spectroscopy applications. Czerny-Turner with different focal lengths and echelle spectrographs come pre-aligned and pre-calibrated for ease of operation. The latest addition, the on-axis, high throughput, imaging Holospec spectrograph give superb results in milliseconds, not minutes.

Our modular spectroscopy systems are individual configurations. The range of spectrographs is complemented by detector technology for wavelength regions from the UV to the near-IR. We offer low-noise slow scanning CCD detectors for standard spectroscopy applications and high-performance CCD detectors for faster acquisitions. The EMCCD sensors are dedicated for measurements limited by read noise. The InGaAs photo diode arrays are ideal for wavelengths over 1000 nm.

Cameras and detectors for time-resolved imaging and spectroscopy have an image intensifier in front of the sensor. The image intensifier acts as an ultra-fast optical shutter for exposure times of a few nanoseconds. Because of the image intensifier’s high gain, extremely faint signals down to single photons can be detected. The series of intensified charge coupled devices, ICCD for short, is called iStar. The iStar ICCD cameras and detectors from Andor Technology are characterized by scientific grade CCD sensors, fast gate electronics and high-quality image intensifier. In addition, we offer the iZyla, an intensified sCMOS camera with a detachable image intensifier. The iZyla acquires up to 100 frames/s at 5.5 megapixel resolution.

A spectral camera images a line of an object and provides the spectral information of each pixel in the second dimension of the line. Corresponding software displays a 3 dimensional spectral cube of an object or displays spectral information of moving objects.

A hyperspectral camera set-up includes optics, an imaging spectrograph, a camera displaying the spectral information and a software package to display and calculate the results.

We are offering two cryogen-free benchtop NMR systems from our partner Oxford Instruments. The MQC benchtop NMR system is an NMR relaxometrie system while the Pulsar Benchtop NMR system is working at 60 MHz and does NMR spectroscopy.

Monochromators with optical gratings for spectral dispersion are every day tools in spectroscopy from UV to IR. The common Czerny-Turner set up has been the design of choice for years. Depending on the desired wavelength range, the monochromator can be fitted with different gratings whose application ranges are determined by the number of lines and the blaze wavelengths. We also offer a variety of different entrance and exit slits, order sorting filters, condenser optics, fiber couplers and more. Monochromators are used in spectral analysis or, in combination with one of our light sources, as tunable, monochromatic light source.

Confocal Raman microscopy is a high-resolution imaging technique that is widely used for the characterization of materials and specimens in terms of their chemical composition. With 2D and 3D Raman images, information regarding the chemical compounds and their distribution within the sample can be illustrated clearly.

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